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Here's what's left in my Hanger and for sale:
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Kyosho Breitling 232-40 Cap ARF KIT (40 size,, OS46FX is a perfect engine for this ARF) Boxed opened twice, parts never taken out or unbagged. $225

Breitling Kyosho CAP232-40  Breitling Kyosho CAP232-40
Breitling Kyosho CAP232-40

PLEASE NOTE... locals only... I'm on Long Island, New York.
Thank you for your interest in what I have for sale, but
I will not ship the planes
. We all know planes were built to fly - not ship. I do not want a buyer to receive a kit, when I originally shipped them a whole-flying plane.
So you come, you look, you touch, you like, you buy...